About Bloom Brokers

We specialise in buying high quality fresh cut wholesale flowers for the professional florist.

Armed with many years industry experience you can be assured we will only buy the very best wholesale flower product on your behalf.

We not only source from the wholesale flower auction but also direct from top flower growers all over New Zealand. We are based in Mount Wellington's produce district, giving us access to the biggest range of product possible.

Using Bloom Brokers makes great business sense - we save you money, we save you time,  and we offer extensive industry knowledge and know how. We offer great systems to make your product selection painless and reliable. Even if you buy your own wholesale flowers, we can help. If you can’t make it to market or need a special order, just call us! No order is too large or small.

You may simply wish to buy off our Market Specials list when you require a top up.

We truly believe we have a service you’ll wish you had subscribed to long ago. Our aim is to work in partnership with our customers, building strong, loyal relationships and to give you the very best level of service possible.

Why buy from Bloom Brokers?

For the best service, bar none.

We like to offer our customers a comprehensive, personalised service. As florists ourselves, we really know how the industry works. We aim to build a strong supplier relationship with you so we can not only buy your flowers but help and advise you as well.

For top quality product, guaranteed.

We’re fussy. We understand that a good Florist’s reputation is built on the quality of their flowers. We don't buy second grade product and we won’t supply you with anything that isn’t up to our exacting standards.

For insider knowledge.

Our premises are based in Mount Wellington's produce district, with easy access to the flower auction. We have the opportunity to buy from a huge selection of flowers, not seen at some of the smaller markets. We maintain extensive grower contacts and have frequent access to new and imported products. We like to keep our finger on the pulse with regards to quality and availability.

For peace of mind.

As well as retail, we specialise in supplying flowers for weddings and events. We know what it’s like at your end when things go wrong, so will work closely with you to ensure that you get what you want, when you want it and in perfect condition.

What they say...

Bloom Brokers is such a pleasure to deal with. They are always very helpful and go that extra mile to help with any queries we might have. 

My flower orders always come beautifully packaged so there is no damage to the product. I would definitely recommend other florists to use their expertise.

Virginia Thompson, Flower Gallery Waiheke